FleetEV Secures Wales’s Largest Ever Electric Vehicles Contract to Drive Sustainability Across Public Sector

Cardiff-based electric vehicle provider, FleetEV, announces today that it has been awarded a significant contract by the Welsh Government to spur sustainability efforts across the public sector in Wales.

This latest win is the largest ever collaborative procurement of electric vehicles – and is expected to deliver savings of £660,000. It also reinforces the award-winning EV firm’s commitment to making the switch to electric vehicles simple and attainable within Wales.

Picture: Vauxhall e-Vivaro Crewman delivered to National Museum Wales for use by the estate team at St Fagans.

As part of the contract, FleetEV will supply over 300 vehicles, including cars, vans, and specially adapted vehicles to 15 regions across Wales. To effectively deliver this, the Welsh Government Energy Service consulted with eligible public sector organisations in Wales to identify vehicles that are suitable for the switch to electric, and in some cases have funded the gap to aid the transition from petrol and diesel vehicles to EVs.

The initiative also aligns with the Future Generations Act. Working together, the Welsh Government Energy Service will provide additional technical support for local authorities, while FleetEV’s contribution is expected to generate as much as £2.89 million in social value throughout Wales.

This latest milestone follows FleetEV’s recent rebranding to meet market demands and position itself for a new phase of substantial growth in 2024.

Commenting on this latest contract win, Jarrad Morris, Founder and CEO of FleetEV said:

Above: Founder and CEO of FleetEV – Jarrad Morris

“It’s fantastic to see FleetEV partnering with Welsh Government to provide electric vehicles to Wales’s public sector as part of a collaboration that reflects our mutual commitment to a sustainable future.

“The contract not only impacts today but also offers opportunities for future growth, inviting and encouraging more public sector organisations throughout Wales to reconsider the impact of their fleets and to reduce their carbon footprint.

“We’re committed to extending the benefits of electric vehicles, cutting carbon emissions, and supporting Wales’s environmental objectives while also delivering a programme of meaningful social value – and we’re thankful to Welsh Government for trusting us to play a crucial part in this initiative for a greener and cleaner Wales.” Rebecca Evans MS, Minister for Finance and local Government said:

“I am pleased to see local authorities leading the way on decarbonising their fleet whilst also driving down costs. It is essential we collaborate and use our existing funding and procurement levers in a more innovative and cooperative way to achieve net zero. This is a really good example of working together to achieve more.”

This latest contract win is expected to create several job opportunities within the dynamic green automotive sector in Wales. It also solidifies FleetEV’s position as a frontrunner in the sector – underscoring the award-winning firm’s ongoing commitment to keep Wales at the forefront of green innovation, sustainability, and the adoption of electric vehicles.